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Tobia Marras


I was born in Cagliari and I grew up in a wonderful family. Home Mom and Dad small business owner.
I think the fact that he lived in a family in which the account-economic depended 100% on the result of a business that was crucial in shaping my attitude to risk and the desire to get involved. As a child in fact I have always shown a willingness to do business.

The first approach to computer science took place in the office of my father who, although initially skeptical, proved forefront and decided to make an investment which for years was certainly not recently. I looked at the metal box stand with awe. Lit was a lot of noise but for me it was magical. The first PCs on which I put my hands was a 486. He walked Windows 3.11 and was heading from Dos. Whole afternoons playing with Paint and Minesweeper.
It was 1991.

In 1999 he took part in another project preparation firm. On that occasion I met an exceptional person. For the first time I realized what was brainstorming and explained what were the real dynamics of an enterprise. The day del'ultima lesson took us to the computer lab and explained that the first step to doing business was the love what gets.
He told us the story of two American boys and how their business was growing worldwide. He showed us their website: a single blank page with colored letters and a search bar in the middle. That day I made the first Google search. Illuminating.
I knew immediately that the computer and the network would be a great opportunity for my future.

I have always been a creative person and not later my passions for geometry, shapes, for the coherence of spaces for typefaces, found vent in web-design.
I started alone, totally self-taught, discovering the fantastic opportunities of the then Macromedia Flash, creating the first work to friends and then for the first small customers.
It does not take much time in me that is shaping the knowledge that what was once just a passion she could turn into a real job. I believe it and go forward.
Day after day I document, study, surf the Web hungry for knowledge.

Come the first orders, the negotiations with more structured companies, and soon I realize that the needs of customers requiring higher skills. They begin collaborations with developers for creating dynamic web content. Gradually, my work is increasingly focused in management and customer care, in the definition of strategies to optimize the work-profit equation.

The customer base becomes more solid and this allows you to invest and realize the reality of corporate Visiv Communication srl

Today my role is focused mainly in carrying out everything that can be understood as the "front-end" of the company to customers. The skills acquired over time enable me to be able to better manage the demands and prospect new business opportunities.

Are my compenteza also the development of most of the user-interfaces for software products we make. From concept to the Usability study, and then to feed the creative developers who make a living and usable the initial idea turning it into a usable software. Watched my past I care even optimizations SEO copywriting side and the setting and the web marketing campaign management.