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Andrea Lobina


in my personality it has always been characterized by curiosity to discover and try new things. For this reason, as a child, I enjoyed disassembling electronic devices and play with the electrical contacts to build small lights or gimmicks that emitted sounds.

In 1990 I felt the magical Nintendo 8bit and from then on came an unbridled passion for computer and video-games. I had an obsession: to find out how my favorite digital titles were designed and built.

I always had an inclination towards mathematics and science subjects.

It was surely for this reason that prompted my parents to give me my first personal computer in the now distant 2000.
In the same year, in a self-taught, I started to learn HTML. In the fifth year of high school, along with two companions, we won a competition for the design and development of "best school" website. The portal created became the official Institute High School Pythagoras in Selargius. On that occasion I learned the first steps of ASP, a language which at the time was still new and immature and subsequently the Php, thanks to which he pointed out to me a world of new resources.

Meanwhile my passion for video-games was by no means vanished. With the help of some of my fellow students, we designed a small 3D games.

I studied very carefully the C ++ and the Microsoft DirectX. It was amazing to collide with each other several 3D objects and see how they formed on unpredictable trajectories screen.

It was the passion for programming that I chose to major in computer science at the University of Cagliari.

At age 19, while I proceeded with his studies, came my first entrepreneurial experience. I attended, along with some family members, the Italian Health project that I finally consecrated to the web portal design with multi-tier architecture. A few years later, during the years at university I met Tobias Marras, (one of my current partners in Visiv Communication), with whom he collaborated on some projects commercials.

Meanwhile I continued to study and proceeded with university exams combining my passions with the study. For practical exams I never failed to assert my experiences on the video game programming. For example, to examine Operating Systems, programmai a Linux environment that emulated the famous video game "Space Invaders"; for examination Computer Networks, programmai instead my first online multiplayer game. A small game in gui There was connected to the internet to make air battles against other challengers aboard their own virtual plane.

I continued to divide myself between web programming and video games, but I knew that soon I would have to specialize on one of two things.

Eventually I made my choice: to program for the web using what I think was currently ed'è the best development environment: the Microsoft .NET Framework.

In 2012, just in time for my graduation, I was again contacted by Tobias, who meanwhile had begun a stable collaboration with Fausto Pala, another expert developer in PHP programming. I participated as responsible for the development of the project Simple Real Estate, one of the products on which currently Visiv Communication has great hopes. The jump to constitute ourselves into society was very short. Now our skills were complementary and it was easy to make the decision to undertake together a new business by cultivating the idea to grow and collaborate on projects of great ambition.

Since then my job is developing web software (and not only) in Windows: by transposition coded graphical interfaces to the programming of shared libraries between back-end and front-end, from web services to single page applications.

The work is extremely motivating Visiv ed'è characterized by constant study and application of the most modern technological trand.