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Fausto Pala


I'm cofounder of Visiv Communication in which I deal with trasformore dreams in "reality". As a child I loved to experiment and innovate: a trick parts of cars, smontavo rimontavo and electronic equipment.

My first encounter with a data processor has been with the Commodore 64.

I realized that this device so fascinating, to be connected to the TV, when my parents saw fit, it was a means to save me time.
The first software, recorded on cassette tape, were simple algorithms who performed mathematical operations.

Reading some books i learned that inside the magic box was not just numbers but also designs!

I developed the first software that would draw a clock with hands. I realized that it was no longer a game but a passion! Thanks to my parents, who have always supported me and guaranteed freedom of choice, I undertook studies in computer science with which I consolidated the self-taught.

Since childhood i have expressed my need to know and experience.