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Case History: First on Google by a good SEO

Case History
Among the first in the search results without any investment but only thanks to a good SEO .

The case
And ' the case of a customer , that without any kind of investment promotion in particular on the web, is now among the top places in Serp (list of search results) of Google for important keywords, surpassing talvota, not just the competitors, but also large ad networks such as "Pagine Gialle" and "Virgilio" search engines.

The company in question is the IERM Impianti Elettrici , a small but established fact that until now had never cared for the online presence. The "climb" took about 7 months time in which it is more and more refined indexing pages in engines.

Examples of Positioning
The main keywords for which they were obtained are excellent positioning are:  "Impianti Elettrici Cagliari", "Impianti Elettrici Civili Cagliari", "Fotovoltaico con Accumulo".
The first two clearly exploit the geolocation of the word Cagliari and position the website in the first results of the Serp.

Search Results for the keyword "Impianti Elettrici Cagliari "

For the keyworkd "Impianti elettrici Civili Cagliari" it is in the first position on over 750,000 results.
This is extremely important because, as you can see from the screenshot below , the ranking has allowed us to overcome the positioning statements such as those established ad networks such as "Pagine Gialle" and "Virgilio" search engines.

In the case of the key "Fotovoltaico con accumulo" the result is even more encouraging because, in the search key, there is no word that geolocate a result, increasing exponentially the competitors (equal to more than 250,000). Despite this, the client's website ranks on the first page as the second result (after the sponsored).

How and Why

Google is one of the major search engines . Its positioning algorithm is among the most "intelligent" and is in constant innovation.

Until not long ago , the requirements for having a good quality score (ranking) were mainly in the Serp link popularity (links to websites on other websites) and meta-keywords. Today, these requirements are no longer sufficient .

Google is able to give a quality score based on the meta-tags Tite Page and Page Description considers very important but also the url text (for this today using the techniques of rewrite-url). Beyond that considers very important also:

- Accessibility of content and readability (contrast text/background)
- Text formatting and paragrafatura
- Relevance of the text in the page with the meta-tags
- Arrangement of content in page
- Quality of the images and names of the files relating to the content and meta-tags

Making sure to build the individual web pages with these important measures , combined with our experience clearly SEO side, it is risuciti to achieve these results without any additional cost to the customer.

Note: Results in Serp are constantly changing. These results are current as of the date of this article. In the future may vary.