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Our Company

We are a young compay in the Italian ICT business.
Our company, composed of three young co-founders, is a software development and media agency geared to the needs of the network.
Our products range starts from normal commercial portals, featured sites for editorial contents until complex applications for business productivity.
There are already a number of customers who have chosen Visiv as a business partner to manage their online presence, or for the provision of web applications useful to their business.

Some of these allow you to cross the boundaries of the island and then to ensure that the technologies developed (some of which on patent idea) may be exported outside of Sardinia.

A match bet years ago that today takes the form of a high tech company which, hopefully, will gain market share in an interesting time in the world of web-Italian media agency.


Our skills allows us to create any application or software available via the Web.

We develop mobile applications for the most used platforms such as Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We also can create your own corporate image and manage your reputazioone online form of advertising campaigns on the web and on social media.

  • FarmaInWeb 2.0 - Online business form Pharmacies


    FarmaInWeb 2.0 is the solution to all pharmacies that want complete and professional online image.

  • We will be attending on Sinnova 2014


    The 27 to 28 June 2014 we will be at Sinnova presenting our Simple Web Application Realty. The event for innovation at the service of the company in Sardinia back for the second time in Cagliari, to tell experts, enthusiasts and curious as innovators Sardinians are able to achieve. 

  • FTF S.r.l. is Online!


    With a bit of delay comes online the new website of the company FTF Srl
    Created by Design and CMS Meteora 2.0 for a web product information simple but attractive.

  • Cometti: New website now online!


    The new website for Cometti Abitare carried out in collaboration with Creata is online!
    Behind the scenes the new version of CMS Meteora.

  • Case History: First on Google by a good SEO


    The story of a customer who is now among the first in the search results only with a good SEO ottimizzazine side.