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The evolution of the real estate agency

The idea was born in summer 2011 , today sees the light in a totally manageable software online.
We want to rewrite the future of real estate and its rebirth from one historical period and economically difficult , starting from a working tool that we believe can become a "way of working" effectively.

Way of working

We want to help with our platform to make this happen.

The goal is first and foremost all agencies of Sardinia in Italy and then in order to bring together into a single network of independent real estate work all the realities that operate in the area.

Choose Simple Realty means joining an ecosystem protected and safe in which the real estate agents work in synergy with each other using a reliable platform and constantly updated with the best features.

The project will not stop only at the working tool and web display
It will be a lot more. Do not just have to start. The revolution of Real Estates on Web is upon us!