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Meteora CMS

Contents without limits!

What is Meteora CMS?
Meteora 2.0 is the new version of CMS owner made entirely from Visiv Communication .

Why is it innovative?
It's innovative because it integrates itself into the new module "Informative Sections" that allows you to create unlimited information content in a simple and intuitive interface.
Unlike classical CMS on the market , in fact , Meteor is very simple to use. The graphical interface and essential functions tailored to the client , create a smoother user experience and this has an impact on the speed in the creation of articles for publication.

How did you get the idea ?
The first version of Meteora offering the only web management for defined contents.
However, we noted that the customer often needs to create new content.
This was not permitted by the version 1.0, and therefore we have invested in the creation of a new module that would allow to do. All the other functions as well as the GUI of Meteora 1.0 have been revised with a view more accessible and usable, thus giving rise to Meteora, version 2.0 later evolved into version 2.5.

Informative Sections Module: Logic operation
The operating logic of Informative Sections module is definitely special .
First, we define informational content, web pages which have the aim to communicate information through text and images, without any interaction with the user.
This same description page is an information page , created , giustappunto, with Meteora CMS. In detail are viewing an article as informative elements has a title, a short text and a complete text (wysiwyg editor).

Initially, the logic is similar to that of the most popular CMS like Joomla or Drupal: the core are articles (information contents displayed on the web page), which are associated with a category (identified as a navigation path to get to the content).

However, the main difference, lies in the fact that, in our opinion, the categories can also be informative contents , which inform the user while browsing in the achievement of the final content.

At this point we have defined categories and items such entities viewable through a graphical interface: the Skin.

The Skin is thus a way of representing a set of data elements that are part of an ' entity (in our case a category or article).

So we have defined the Artcle Skin and the Category Skin .
For greater flexibility, in addition, the operating logic provides some basic features:

- the associated entity Skin Category does not define the representation of its elements but of those entities associated with it (either subcategories or articles).
- the associated entity Skin Article defines instead the representation of article's elements.

Moreover, to enable the operating logic to be consistent , we define some limitations:

- The main macro-categories are static and can not be managed by the client ( can not be deleted or created new macro-categories ) . The main categories are a summary of the main sections of the website, that identify the master information sections of the website, so it is assumed that should not be subject to frequent changes .
- Items can be associated exclusively with one category "max level" , where " max level" identifies the category that has no subcategories.

Meteora CMS: Turnkey
Meteora CMS is offered as a turnkey service. The customer does not have to worry about managing the look and feel, as this is defined by the Skins created in the development phase. For any kind of future need you can always create new skins to allow a different view of data elements.

Some examples of items of information contents:
Title, Subtitle, Author, internal links, external links, clips Picture, Banner, Image, Short Text, Text, Annex downloadable Video Embedded.