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Responsive Design

Optimized design for all devices

Today on the internet are no longer simple websites showcase but real software integrated with business realities.
With this in mind you can understand how important it is to read and publish data on their web application.
This implies , of course, need to propose interfaces are easy to understand and use.
These interfaces , however, can not be defined a priori as the modern context, involves the use of different devices: PCs, tablets, smartphones that support video resolutions sometimes very different. About this takes the field responsive design.

What is responsive design?
Responsive design is the ability of a web content to adapt depending on the device on which it appears.
No more then several source codes and user-agent to differentiate mobile site from desktop site but rather one that thanks to the CSS version 3 and the extension of the @media rule, allows it to be dynamically invoking the classes suitable for screen resolution you are looking at the content.

We decided to invest some of our time to research and development in responsive design.
Primarily to keep up with the times and secondly because we believe it is one of the best solutions in the area of usabililtà a web interface.


We will experience the approach to responsive design using the Bootstrap framework.
Bootstrap is a new development framework of front-end interfaces created by Twitter.
It is based on HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery that provides the ability to create usable interfaces and pleasing easy integration and customization.

To give a brief paronamica on what are the features of this amazing tool just think of all those elements frequently used in web applications such as menu bars, buttons, groups, buttons, windows alert, progressbar etc... are ready implementable simply by setting specific CSS classes.

This feature is applicable not only to elements on the page but also to the page itself.
For further details you can track the items on HTML.IT

Its features are amazing and totally routed to responsive design.
An important part of the research phase is linked to the development of graphical user interfaces and user- expercience.

Designing the GUI with an approach to responsive design is definitely different.

In addition to the optical Meteora speech certainly requires further investigation, especially with regard to the images and behaviors related to the various downsizing necessary managed by the CMS.