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Gallery Component

Create great photo galleries just in a click!

Now with Meteora CMS you can create photo galleries in a very simple and saves so much time. The result will be beyond your expectations. 
Thanks to this module, items of information sections will be enriched with many photographs can be enlarged in a lightbox.

Create a gallery in a few steps.
  • Access the component Galleries
  • Create a new photogallery by choosing the gallery images from a folder on your computer
  • Select the images you want and click on "Upload Images"
  • Verfica images and delete from the list that is error uploaded
  • Get the Upload! The system will take care of everything else. Downsizing included!
  • That's it! Your new gallery has been created. Add captions and tag each photo for SEO!

Choosing images, Uploading, SEO Tags

Once you've created the gallery you can always edit it.
From the "All Gallery 'select the gallery you want. And 'possible to modify all the parameters such as captions, tags, seo, are wheelchair.

Sorting immagni
Sort images is easy. Select the preview square image and drag it to where you wanted and you're done!

By clicking on the link with the pencil symbol will open a panel in which you can manage seo tags and captions for each image is loaded.
All this for each language configured.