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Meteora 2.5

Improved engine performance and SEO

Our CMS is updated to version 2.5.
An update that affects mostly in the motor Front-End , run totally by Zend - Framework. Implementations that Armor and make more efficient the whole part due to public content.
Considerable progress also in the field of SEO ( search engine optimization) with the URL Rewriting Engine Optimisation already used in version 2.0.
Let's see in detail what has been improved :

Structure of the Front -End
The property has been completely revised in a perspective of "contribution" to make it possible for any developer to work on the creation of the graphics of FE (HTML and CSS). They are in fact distinct View from the functional logic of the application . Now developers can access the variables "talking" that uniquely identify the entity to which they refer.

(eg. $ this- > article represents the currently selected item , $ this-> category with regard to the category , $ this-> categories representing subcategories belonging to the selected category , whereas $ this -> relateditems only related items )

Performance: Zend Cache

In this new version has been harnessed the power of Zend_Cache component that allows you to significantly reduce the demands on the DB . But how does this Zend_Cache ? Just as its name says is a component that takes care of saving the query results by lifting the DBMS execution of the same.

At end user level , this translates into a much faster display of the contents of the page , even if the number of significant ( items or categories consist of many elements ) . The back-end , however, there is a delay on the actual publication of the content defined in 5 minutes. The content posted are in fact made available five minutes after they were entered . A gap of little consequence for anyone who manages content and want to have an immediate publication , can be overcome with a removal of the cache.

A compromise absolutely acceptable if the improvements associated with the performance of visualizzazoine content to users.